Yes, Birake offer a cryptocurrency exchange solution, but it is unlike anything that has come before it! Much like other innovations that have proceeded, the Birake network is set to revolutionize how investors, holders and users trade cryptocurrency assets.

At its core, the Birake exchange platform offers a decentralized trading experience equipping traders with a secure and trustless infrastructure where transactions and trades are held and stored securely on the blockchain with wallets isolated from the network and private keys accessed only by users. I know - you know what a decentralized exchange is! You have heard this before…

Except you haven’t!

Birake introduce an innovative shared exchange network concept with shared central database opening new possibilities to how cryptocurrency is traded. By offering exchanges on a network, traders on a Birake operated exchange will make use of a cross networked order book and exchange liquidity enabling swift fulfillment of a trade at the best possible price. With exchanges ‘plugging in’ to the Birake network worldwide, the Birake network is aiming to grow to offer industry leading exchange volume traded and coins offered. Backed by the Graphene Blockchain, exchanges operating on the Birake network can handle 100,000 transactions per second providing users with an incredibly responsive real time cryptocurrency trading experience creating a truly scalable concept and trading ecosystem.

What does the shared network mean for you, the trader?

Let’s say you use exchange ‘A’ - it offers the coins you have interest in, it offers features you like, or it is closely bound to a platform that you use. You set a buy order on exchange ‘A’ and await for this to be filled. The moment this buy order has been sent, your buy order also appears on Exchange ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’ and ‘E’. A seller of that coin on Exchange ‘E’ can sell you their coins on their exchange, where they will be bought and appear in your account in Exchange ‘A’, providing you with the fastest order fulfillment through the large networked web offered by Birake.

At Birake, we strongly believe in the future of cryptocurrency and its main strength: the decentralization! By allowing the market to be controlled by a single (or very few) privately owned exchanges goes against this strength, which is why we think that everyone should be able to create their own exchange and that the orders should be openly shared across all exchanges in the market.

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