AllSafe - What is achieved so far in the first quarter of the year?
  • The control of the coin completely taken over by the community with new Github repository, website, social media channels all exchanges and other third party websites.
  • Core team is established, still growing with new additions.
  • Blockchain is successfully updated from POS to POS+MN.
  • Coin ticker is changed from ASAFE2 to SAFE.
  • Exchanges, trackers and all third party sources are successfully updated.
  • Partnerships established with masternode hosting, sharing and tracking services.
  • The coin price is established on the 300–400 satoshi base with new exchange and tracking service listings.
  • AllSafe community is grown on Discord. VIP channels for 1000 coin holders and masternode owners are established to promote holding.
  • An initial masternode sale by the team is completed to raise funds, a second batch is still on sale.
  • The first future step is getting listed on a larger exchange. AllSafe is currently trading on Escodex, NovaExchange, AltMarkets, Graviex, BTCPOP and Altilly. CoinExchange is being considered as the next.
  • AllSafe partnered with SNode, MDCHash and Midas for masternode hosting/sharing. CryptoStake and Discord Panda Bot staking pools are still operating. New investment platforms are being considered.
  • Website is under development for a new design, which is released with details still being worked on.
  • New wallet version is in development for necessary security updates and minor design changes.

Ticker: SAFE
Algorithm: Quark
Reward Distribution: 40% POS / 60% Masternode
Masternode Collateral: 15,000 SAFE
Block Reward: 1.42 SAFE
Block Time: 60 seconds
Max. supply: 15,000,000 SAFE

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