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CryptoDezireCash (CDZC) is now integrated into CryptocurrencyCheckout

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Accept CDZC easy and fast on your websiteWe are proud to announce that CryptoDezireCash is integrated into CryptocurrencyCheckout. From now on you can accept CryptoDezireCash (CDZC)…

Sankalp Tewari

Prometheus59 Technical Report: Working on Simplicity, MPI Standard Supported

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Proceeding from all available options, we decided to introduce"computing nodes ranking" in order to adapt the system to one of the standard protocols – MPI, which will allow one to directly process tasks on Prometheus59 the same way they are processed now on expensive supercomputers.…



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ProelioCoin Blockchain Upgrade!Hello Everyone,It is the time to show a little of what we have done so far.Those three last months were full…

Proelio Coin

Promethus59 First News: Successful Launch, First Promo Steps & Updates, Development

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Promethus59 First News: Successful Launch, First Promo Steps & Updates, Development…


The financial outlook of Midas: How can we afford this?

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Through the final article in the MIDAS Lock-in series, the progress Midas has been making behind the scenes - financially speaking - will be assessed and analysed to demonstrate how Midas can introduce such a revolutionary new feature.…

Dan Carson

MIDAS economics: How will the Lock-in effect MIDAS

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The MIDAS Lock-in directly and indirectly contributes to the sustained and positive growth of MIDAS in the short, medium and long term. Through this article, we shall reveal how this is achieved and the results we project shall be achieved.…

Dan Carson

Birake Selling Agent Partners! Birakers Wanted!

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Birake is looking for selling agents partners in order to promote the development of Birake Exchange Network and the rapid implementation of our global business! Birake is a global certificated company recognised for the excellent conditions created for their employers.…

Andreea Mavrodin

What are the benefits of being Fline masternode owner?

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Fline is an investment project, which combines highly effective Bitmex trading bots and masternodes.BTC/USD botOur top of class bot. Constantly scanning the market, have…

Trevor - Midas.Investments

Midas v 2.0. The upcoming changes and updates...

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...or how are we going to stop that panic sell and increase our platform effectivenessThe whole week Midas team has been working hard on different problems,…

Trevor - Midas.Investments