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Prometheus59 Technical Report: Working on Simplicity, MPI Standard Supported

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Proceeding from all available options, we decided to introduce"computing nodes ranking" in order to adapt the system to one of the standard protocols – MPI, which will allow one to directly process tasks on Prometheus59 the same way they are processed now on expensive supercomputers.…


Promethus59 First News: Successful Launch, First Promo Steps & Updates, Development

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Promethus59 First News: Successful Launch, First Promo Steps & Updates, Development…


The benefits of the MIDAS Lock-in: The view from Midas and our investors

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Through this article, we analyse the benefits the MIDAS Lock-in will bring you, our investors, and Midas - in our quest to become the spearhead of the masternode and wider cryptocurrency investment industry.…

Dan Carson

Midas launch zero fee platform alongside the revolutionary MIDAS Lock-in

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We are excited to become pioneers once again and become the first investment platform to launch zero fee investing alongside the revolutionary new utility for MIDAS - the ‘MIDAS Lock-in’.…

Dan Carson

Hotchain's HOT April!

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We are getting closer to the release of Hotchain Platform 1.0!Hotchain Marketplace is almost ready and will be live in April's first week, in time with the roadmap....…


Midas announce the adaptation of MIDAS reward structure and collateral

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Midas will become the very first masternode coin to combine three vital metrics for a sustainable coin economics; strong utility, buybacks from mature revenue streams and carefully considered reward structure tailored to MIDAS demand allowing Midas to become the most stable masternode investment.…

Dan Carson

Midas v 2.0. The upcoming changes and updates...

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...or how are we going to stop that panic sell and increase our platform effectivenessThe whole week Midas team has been working hard on different problems,…

Trevor - Midas.Investments

Powering Up Your Business with Your Own Crypto: Is it Worth a Shot?

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Does it make any sense to integrate crypto into your business? Is it better to use a well-establishedthird-party cryptocurrency or develop your own? Let’s get answers and examine three basic business use cases for independent crypto.…


Friday’s Narrative #7: Collecting Feedback and Continuing the Development

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We are continuing the development process and collecting users’ feedback to make the Reactor platform even more user-friendly for the general audience. Also, we have started Medium and Reddit accounts to increase our media visibility.…