MIDAS economics: How will the Lock-in effect MIDAS

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The MIDAS Lock-in directly and indirectly contributes to the sustained and positive growth of MIDAS in the short, medium and long term. Through this article, we shall reveal how this is achieved and the results we project shall be achieved.…

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The benefits of the MIDAS Lock-in: The view from Midas and our investors

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Through this article, we analyse the benefits the MIDAS Lock-in will bring you, our investors, and Midas - in our quest to become the spearhead of the masternode and wider cryptocurrency investment industry.…

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How your choice of investment platform can affect your own investment.


Masternode investors are here to achieve one goal – to make a return on an investment. Whether you give focus to short term or long term gains, one consistent always remains across all investors. You want to make money!…

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Powering Up Your Business with Your Own Crypto: Is it Worth a Shot?

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Does it make any sense to integrate crypto into your business? Is it better to use a well-establishedthird-party cryptocurrency or develop your own? Let’s get answers and examine three basic business use cases for independent crypto.…


The full-guide on investing in masternodes. Part I: brief history and analysis

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What is a masternode? How it became one of the most profitable sources of income in crypto and then got destroyed by scams? Is there a way to make profits in masternodes? And, if yes, how?…

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