Greetings Community,

The Swyft team is thrilled to announce that Crypto Hunter is now available on the Apple Store! Download Crypto Hunter today and start collecting coins!

Apple Store Download Link:

What is Crypto Hunter?

Crypto Hunter is a cutting-edge augmented reality mobile game featuring state-of-the-art technology. Built with Apple’s real AR kit, this game is the first of its kind, with 20 coins supported upon initial release. The game itself is fun to play, but also functions as an educational tool about the masternode market and cryptocurrency in general.

When people play the game, it creates a natural interest in cryptocurrencies, and raises many questions. Featured within the game are many educational cards and advertisements, specifically geared to answer the questions that pop up during gameplay. With information about all of the supported coins included, the goal of the game is to convert people from players into investors, producing a direct benefit to all coins listed.

What This Means For Swyft

The listing of the game on the Apple Store is a monumental moment for the Swyft project. Now with the game in place, there are several important things about to happen:

1.       A massive marketing campaign

This marketing campaign will start with a social media storm, powered by our partners listed in the game. The combined social media reach of all of the partners in the game (excluding Bitcoin and Ethereum) numbers well over 500,000. Agreements have been reached for all listed coins to post promotional materials for Crypto Hunter on all social platforms to increase awareness and create organic growth for the game.

In tandem with the social media storm will be a series of articles and other promotional materials to be published on various crypto-related news sites. With a cutting edge game like this, it is likely to pick up a lot of attention.

The Swyft team is also in talks with BitMart – a top 20 CMC ranked exchange – surrounding a partnership with Swyft over the Crypto Hunter game. While details are still being discussed, Swyft is likely to be listed on the exchange and will be promoted on their website, further increasing traffic and exposure.

2.       Steady income for Swyft

While the Crypto Hunter app is free, there are a number of in-app purchases that create a steady revenue for Swyft, which we have already started to see. As stated in the Swyft Whitepaper, all profits from our platforms will be split in the following way:

               33% Coin Buybacks

               33% Marketing

               33% Business Growth

With the marketing campaign about to go into effect, the Swyft team expects the revenue from the game to continue to increase, which will directly impact all associated with the project through the coin buybacks. This income will also allow Swyft to fund further development of its blockchain, which will support smart contracts and decentralized applications – a first for the Masternode world.

3.       New Coin Listings to the game

Many coins we reached out to prior to the release wanted to see the game on the app store before paying a listing fee. Now that the game is on the Apple store (and with the Android version soon to follow on Google Play) we would like to re open listing for interested projects, and are currently offering discounted rates as a promotion!

For information about listing your coin on Crypto Hunter, please join the Swyft discord and send a message to the DEV team, or send an email directly to or

For more information about the Swyft Project and its platforms, please use the following links: