Reactor: A Crypto-Creating Platform for Enthusiasts and Newbies

Short Summary

Keeping long story short, Reactor provides any client – from a total newbie to a crypto guru – with an ability to order a custom crypto of unique parameters that perfectly suit all specific needs of the client.
The alpha-version of the platform is expected to be launched in 3-4 weeks, in the beginning-mid January 2019, but the best time to join REA is now!

Why is it Beneficial to Use Reactor for Blockchain Solutions?

Having a blockchain may not seem to be necessary these days, but that will change in the nearest decades. Early adopters always get the most from up-to-date technologies. Being among the first is not only exciting but also profitable, as blockchain-based businesses automatically avoid many problems of scalability, interoperability, ease of payments, etc. At least, the one is clear: you should explore the blockchain possibilities, even if in the result you will discover that you don’t need them.

The very first question is: do I really need a blockchain? And if I do, by how much it will improve my business or life? The Reactor team will investigate every use case and give you a fair verdict (feasibility analysis) so that you will be able to make sure you spend money in a reasonable way (more info: 4.2.1 in Whitepaper:

P.S. The Whitepaper contains the checklist of 6 questions that may help you to determine whether you need the blockchain or not independently, but we still insist on turning to professionals.

Reactor Services

1. You choose the service and parameters,
2. You pay your order with REA coins.
3. You get the notification once your order is completed.

That’s pretty simple, and that’s how we work.

The extended order of requesting and using REA services is described in the Whitepaper (partially), but the very clear final step-by-step procedures will be released along with the full-fledged platform.

More than Just a Standard Masternode!

REA masternodes are much more than regular masternodes that typically allow earning passive income that tends to reduce over time. Apart from this standard opportunity, REA masternodes also provide:

a) 15% discount on retail services (for example, when you order a single feature, let’s say, icons development for your wallet).
b) 25% discount on any service package (REA packages will be released upon the platform launch and will include services on a blockchain launch from A to Z).
c) The proportional part of 30% of Reactor quarterly revenues. Profit distribution is scheduled for Q2 2019 and will be activated once Reactor starts to receive any tangible income.
d) Masternode owners have much more chance to participate in REA promotions & bonuses automatically (for example, 100 REA coins will be credited to a random masternode owners upon crossing the mark of 1000 masternodes; more perks to come).

Reactor Community & Community Support

When you join the community, you understand what it means to take care. Not only constant two-way communication & support but also generous bounties keep the REA community excited. On the other hand, these bounties increase the REA brand awareness, making it more visible in crypto and attracting potential clients.

Live Bounties that are Ongoing Right Now:

1. CryptoBridge trade bounty: 50 REA main prize.
2. Discord developer bounty: prizes upon agreement.
3. Invite bounty: 0.4 REA per 1 invite + prize for TOP users (up to 400 REA).
4. Chat bounty: 300 REA main prize.
5. Twitter bounty: up to 100 REA for a single tweet.
6. YouTube bounty: 1000 views = 20 REA + 1 REA for each 100 subsequent views.
7. Article bounty: 0.04 REA per view.

Join Bounties:

Lotteries that are Ongoing Right Now:

1. Retweet lottery: 80 REA prize.
2. 100-masternode lottery: 100 REA prize.

Join Lotteries:

You still have time to take part in one of the bounties! And even if you late, follow the social media of Reactor, as we still have a lot of jokers up the sleeve. Until and after the platform launch, we will keep the community busy. We fight boredom in each possible way and deeply believe in the success of a fruitful collaboration between the REA team and community.

REA Decentralized Exchange

The team has really huge plans! A decentralized exchange would enhance the level of security for all REA users and allow them to trade REA pairs with zero fees. This will be one of the final steps in establishing Reactor as one of the prominent players in the niche.

More info will be available in the Reactor DEX Whitepaper in Q1 2020.