Friday’s Narrative#3: Happy Holidays, REA Alpha-Version Release, Influencers & Expansion

While the crypto community is celebrating winter holidays, REA developers do their best to finish and release the platform alpha-version. The preliminary deadline for the platform release is the end of the first week of January 2019. However, it can be stretched until the mid of January upon certain circumstances.

This week we won’t bother you with a long-read, as everything that was achieved during the last week can be presented simple and short. Browse through our updates and feel free to ask in comments if anything remained uncovered.

REA Alpha-Version: First–Second Week of January 2019

The development part is almost finished. The team has already gathered all the options required to provide efficient two-way communication with clients and already started making the design. Good news: the preliminary deadline for the alpha-version release is the first week of January.

The release of the alpha-version will be in fact a ready-made product that clients can use to order custom blockchains and cryptocurrencies. The release will include pricing for the correspondent services. In case the client orders extra or non-standard services, the price will be calculated manually and sent to the client for confirmation.

News, Updates &Marketing

We are continuing our marketing to keep connected to our audience and reach new people, both clients and users interested in owning REA coins.

·         21/12/2018 – partnership with 1NODe – a service that provides large-scale solutions to other projects while tunneling profits back to the projects themselves. REA users got a freelisting on 1CLICK platform that will be released at the first week of January 2019.
·         22/12/2018 – block reward increased to 3 REA.
·         24/12/2018 – Snode service fee reduced to 3% for REA users from 24/12/2018 to 07/01/2019.
·         25/12/2018 – block reward increased to 3.25 REA.
·        27/12/2018 – 150 masternodes in the REA network. The winner of the lottery awarded 200 REA.
·         27/12/2018 – REA Giveaway by Shill Gates announced.
·         28/12/2018 – block reward increased to 3.5 REA.

REA Giveaway by ShillGates

We are happy to be on the radar of Shill Gates (, a visible twitter influencer & promoter. He loves the idea behind Reactor and announced a giveaway available by the link: By completing a few simple actions, any REA buyer will get by 5% more coins from the personal stack of Shill Gates. What a great chance for REA lovers!

Example: for every 1 bought coin, you will get 0.05 extra coins. Buy 100 coins and get 5 for free. Buy 1000 coins and get 50 for free. Details provided by the link:

Youtube Reviews for the Russian-Speaking Community

Shill Gates wasn’t the only influencer interested in Reactor. Another one was Russian-speaking YouTuber Dmitry who released a video review for his audience:

Dmitry told us, he was fascinated by our work with the audience and promised us more exciting reviews. Hope to get more coverage & new exciting REA videos on your channel!


1.      We are looking for an open-minded, talented, passionate about REA ideas experienced marketer who will represent Reactor online and offline, including major crypto events! If you feel like being the one, contact us with your resume in our discord or other social media.

2.      We are open to any kind of collaboration. If you feel like you can be helpful to Reactor, go ahead with your proposals! Contact the team with the detailed explanation of what, why, and how you want to do in order to help the project. Every proposal will be answered!