Friday’s Narrative#2: REA Development Team, Automation Matters, Why You Need REA Coins, We are Hiring!

The Reactor team welcomes you! Enjoy reading the weekly article and feel free to ask any questions in our social media (links are at the bottom of the page).

This week we want to highlight the Reactor platform development and alpha-version in particular.

To start with, our team of programmers has been involved in creating cryptocurrencies for quite a long time. We have considerable experience in applying non-standard solutions and changes to coins to make them respond to specific business goals.

Automation Matters

Willing to make our business more effective and profitable, we came up with an idea to automate manual processes that both we and clients undergo. This idea led to another idea of creating an own coin to solve our business and clients. So, speaking in advance, REA coin is designed and destined to simplify the interconnection between customers and developers.

The progress we achieved up to the date has started with creating of a program that, after setting initial parameters, automatically collects source materials with new parameters and characteristics and then launches them. The experiment went successfully, but real orders were still performed manually due to the inability of the program to account a number of important parameters. Actually, the program was far away from a ready-made product, but it showed the potential behind creating such a system.

Existing Solutions, Competitors, Reactor

Fair to say, there are a bunch of "similar" solutions that already exist. However, they are very limited in the choice of parameters and generally exclude any complex changes necessary for real customers in real market conditions. Lack of flexibility is the main reason for the failure of such services caused by the low interest of customers and creators themselves.

Even the most promising ideas remain unfulfilled due to the lack of competence of programmers to implement flexible solutions that meet the real needs of customers in relevant business environments. Standard solutions are unreasonably expensive and not affordable.

That is why we came up with Reactor – an automated system to create, launch and support blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

Do Customers Really Need REA Coins?

Whether you are interested in Reactor services or not, REA coins are something you should pay attention to. REA coins will allow you to bring your idea to live with the minimum amount of time and effort spent. You will receive the finished product with the possibility of fine-tuning and upgrading if necessary.

If you have long dreamed of making your own coin, have interesting ideas, but lack funds to support and market, you are the potential client of Reactor.

1. As an owner of REA masternode, you will get from 15% to 25% discount for Reactor retail and package services.
2. You can get REA coins by winning them in bounties & promotions if complying with the rules.

Does it Make Sense to buy REA Coins If You Are not Interested in Reactor Services?

Acquiring REA coins is beneficial not only to Reactor customers but also regular users. Why?

1. A part of the income from each completed project will be used to re-purchase REA coins on exchanges and redistribute them between masternode owners.

2. Most customers will purchase REA coins to pay for services and take advantage of discounts, thereby ensuring the maintenance of the exchange rate and the entire infrastructure.

Automation and the coin-based economy are beneficial for both the REA team and clients, including users that are not interested in REA services.

Technical Development

We are now finalizing technical preparations for creating cryptocurrencies. We already have the basis and are focused on developing a system for interacting with users by refining a test program with a limited number of options.

The finished program will include a field for "additional requests," which will be available in the alpha version of the platform and will allow us to collect information about options that must become automatic ones. While this list isn’t yet ready, we are developing the automatic masternode installing system, as well as the mechanisms to interact with clients and some other technical details which will save time & efforts if done automatically.

Marketing& Other News

Being subscribed to our social media, you can easily follow all news & announcements. But if you missed something, below is the shortlist of what was done during the past week:

16/12/2018 – listing on
16/12/2018 – block reward increase to 2.5 REA coins;
17/12/2018 – the start of bounty rewards payment. The team has taken the decision to stretch bounty payments for an extended period of time (21 days) to control the quality and prevent a possible drop in price from fast profit takers;
18/12/2018 – airdrop from SNODE, the REA partner service;
19/12/2019 – block reward increase to 2.75 REA coins;
20/12/2018 – REA crossed the mark of 100 masternodes and awards a random winner with 100 REA coins;
21/12/2018 – twitter lottery winner awarded 80 REA coins;
22/12/2018 – wanted: open-minded, talented, passionate about REA ideas experienced marketer


We are looking for an open-minded, talented, passionate about REA ideas experienced marketer who will represent Reactor online and offline, including major crypto events! If you feel like being the one, contact us with your resume in our discord or other social media.