Promethus59 First News: Successful Launch, First Promo Steps & Updates, Development

The birth of Prometheus59 dated 2 April 2019, when it went live and was publicly presented. In 3 weeks, we have made a few steps worth reporting. But first, we dare to recommend you the piece explaining the idea of Prometheus59 in a nutshell and its relevance for future calculations of global importance:

Here’s one more reference to Midas paper explaining P59 and its purpose:

Don’t bother yourself to read the two above, as they will shed light on a bunch of key questions that may arise in an inexperienced reader. To add to that, there’s a short FAQ list below:

1. What is Prometheus59 from a technical standpoint?

Not detailed enough? Pass to Whitepaper:

2. How can I interact with the team?

P59 team is available

a) on discord:

b) on telegram:

If you have questions, go ask them straight there!

3. How can I track P59 and be aware of the latest news & updates?

a) Official website:

b) Social media.

c) Asking the team in a straight way.

4. Where can I purchase P59 coins?

5. What was P59 initial price?

Since there was no ICO or pre-sale, the initial price was the price at which CB trade started (around 0.0006btc per one P59 coin).

6. How to install P59 masternode?



First Promo Steps & Updates

The main focus in Q2 is made on marketing & promotion. By revealing the level of interest in P59, we will be able to coordinate and re-coordinate our future steps. So far we have significantly improved our visibility on crypto trackers and masternode platform.

Several masternode partnerships allow users to easily deploy masternodes and make profits with any number of coins. With instant masternodes, your stake starts working for you in no time!

The full list of crypto-trackers, mobile trackers, masternode and hosting services is available here:

Further Marketing & Development

In the near future more marketing and development staff, including technical updates, will be released. Technical highlights, new listings, bounties & more ahead, so stay within reach!