ProelioCoin Blockchain Upgrade!

Hello Everyone,
It is the time to show a little of what we have done so far.
Those three last months were full of hard work, achievements and networking. As you will read in this Q1 REPORT, we have done a lot in multiple fields, from marketing to technology.

We hope you will enjoy as we are!

To begin and proof that not only us and our community is exited of ProelioCoin expansion, we would like to share a Huge News with you!

We hope that you are as excited as us! Feel free to ping us if you are planning to join this event, we will share one (or more ^^) beer(S) with you!

Wallet Update — ProelioCoin Core 1.0.3

This is a huge achievement for ProelioCoin project and its Blockchain!
With this wallet update, we implemented all this new features:

ProelioCoin is ready to trade on Crex24!

From the beginning our community was asking for a No KYC exchange.
Proelio Coin is ready and tradable in Crex24 exchange!

BarterDex Listing (Komodo)

Thanks to Atomic Swap PEO is tradable vs any currency.
We are now listed in BarterDex!


We just did the listing request to integrate another Decentralized Exchange!

Proelio Avatar Campaign

Due to many upcoming partnerships & announcements, we would like to shine some of our marketing tools.
To do this, we call our community first, hoping that a quality illustrator or designer will be there to take on this task.

What we need:

  • Creation of a Proelio Avatar respecting the graphic charter in progress
  • Creation of Avatar emotional variants (happy, sad, wait, warn, gift, announce, 1 of your inspiration)
  • Creation of Avatar emojis linked to emotional variants
  • Formatting some content with the Avatar

Here is a small pitch to help you:
“Proelio Avatar creates the link between the world of blockchain, real estate (with our platform —, and its beneficiaries.The Avatar is the bridge between the Proelio project and its community, its qualities … welcoming, benevolent, trustworthy, efficient, hard worker, facilitator.
Proelio Avatar will meet different partners to grow Proelio & Insidio ecosystems.
Hey can you create me please?!” 
— Proelio Avatar Genesis.

Join our Discord for more information:

INSIDIO Real Estate Platform

Made by ProelioCoin, Insidio is the innovative real estate platform for real use of the cryptocurrencies.

The first sale of real estate for Proelio is being prepared!
Do you want to sell your real estate?
Write directly to us, we will put your real estate up for sale at
Pay only in Proeliocoin.
Enjoy the real use of the cryptocurrencies!

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