GoldenFever - This is fair wins,fair rewards supported by Ethereum and Waves Smart Contracts!
We are building a whole ecosystem Game platform that would give game developers all the advantages of using smart contracts and blockchain.
Firstly we have a strong experienced blockchain developers team that will develop our own games, meanwhile, other developers could use our platform to list their blockchain based games.
Secondly our economic model: 30% of the platform’s earnings will be aimed at maintaining the liquidity of the coin GFR

How to join our beta test?

Firstly u need to install Google chrome extansion Metamask

follow this link:

New create your acoount inside Metamask.

Then follow these steps as shown on the pictures :

Step 1)Click on Main Ethereum Network

Step 2)Click Custom RPC

Step 3)Find new network tab and paste :

Step 5) Click Save

Step 6)Choose this beta test chain

Step 7)Go to ... then to Account Details

Step 8)Copy ur wallet adress (you will get test etherium there)

Step 9)Join our official discord server and paste this adress to #beta-test-registration

Step 10)Wait till you recieve your beta test etherium and announcement bout beta test start.

Prize pool:
1 place $200
2 place $100
3 place $50
4 place $50
5 place $50

About the game:

All participants have the same amount of Test Etherium. At the  start everyone would have 100 Test Etherium, the winners will be selected according to the final balance on the account after the game (Bigger balance first placce, etc.)  

How to play  
Buying a ticket on the platform (10 Ether ticket) gives you the right to participate in a round of the game ... (a round will be one several hours) With each purchase of a ticket, 50% of the cost (5 Ether) is divided between those tickets bought before yours (other players or your tickets) and another 50% goes to the jackpot which will be distributed between the last 10 tickets that closed the round (by timer or by limit tickets in the round)

The game has a timer, at the start after the purchase of the first ticket, a countdown will go (60 minutes), each ticket purchase will additionally reduce the timer by 5 seconds. When the timer finishes, the round ends and the last 10 tickets won the whole pool. (you can own different count of final closing tickets, but remember who starts the game also earns from the upcoming tickets purchased).