Midas Lists Waver Coin (WVC) - The Blockchain Solution For The Music Industry

Midas announces the listing of Waver Coin (WVC) to the Midas platform as an Instant Share. Invest today to receive instant rewards.

What is Waver Coin (WVC) and what does it offer?

It’s the late 1990s, and the music industry is at its peak. Gross revenues of over $21 Bn in America alone – mostly due to CD sales. Music Videos were also a major part of the industry, with phenomena such as MTV gripping the world. Flash forward to 2015, where the music industry hits a low point after a 20 year decline.

A look at the charts below indicates that the decline of the music industry was directly related to the adoption of the internet. In 1995, when the music industry was at its peak, only 10% of households in the United States had access to the internet, and only 5% in Canada. Then, in the late 2010s, the music industry is nearing its low while internet adoption is approaching 100%.

The emergence of the internet created many problems for the music industry. Consumers were newly enabled to illegally download music from websites and torrent links, or simply purchase individual songs through services such as Itunes or Amazon music. Now, streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music are popular. Adding to the stress on the industry, musicians and artists no longer have to go through established channels to bring their work to the public. Web platforms such as Youtube and SoundCloud have made it possible for hardworking musicians to become internet famous – circumventing record labels entirely.

The Waver platform is created to be the blockchain – solution for the problems that the music industry still currently faces – including copyright issues and also to provide an income option for artists.

Blockchain is the perfect solution for the copyright problem facing the music industry, since it is an immutable record of data. While in Crypto, this immutable data is often transaction history, the capabilities of blockchain can be applied to any data type. When an artist creates music and submits it to the Waver platform, it will be reviewed by the manager and then uploaded to the blockchain, creating a permanent record. If there were ever to be a legal dispute over music on the platform, artists would be able to reference the blockchain as a reliable source of information.

The Waver platform also provides a source of income for musicians, who will be able to sell or share their work in exchange for WVR coins. The platform will be designed to function similarly to the popular site AudioJungle, but with an integrated crypto payment method.  



The WVR team remains anonymous.

Where can I purchase WVR?

Crypto-Bridge: https://wallet.crypto-bridge.org/market/BRIDGE.WVC_BRIDGE.BTC

Crex24: https://crex24.com/exchange/WVC-BTC

Coin Specs

Total supply: 40,000,000
Premine: 400,000 (1%)

Consensus algorithm: x11 MN/PoS
Masternode collateral: Varies from 500-10000
Block time: 60 seconds
Block reward: variable reward depending on block heights. MN/PoS split is 10/90

Can I get more information about Waver?

Website: https://www.wavercoin.com/

Whitepaper: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w8wbd225fe47gfj/Waver-WP.pdf

Github: https://github.com/wavercoin/core-project

Explorer: http://explorer.wavercoin.com/

Discord: https://discord.gg/whgtXwH

MNO: https://masternodes.online/currencies/WVC/

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