Midas announces the listing of Social Send (SEND) to the Midas platform as an Instant Share. Invest today to receive instant rewards.

What is SEND and what does it offer?

Social Send Coin (SEND) is a cryptocurrency and blockchain project that seeks to advance the industry through integration with social networks. Social networks have exploded over the past 20 or so years, starting in the early 2000s with MySpace and Facebook. Since their introduction, over 33% of the world uses social networks and social media to stay connected. This is over 2.6 billion people (contrasted with the 3 million crypto users). Social Send aims to be a key player in exposing as many social media users as possible to the world of cryptocurrency, and to capitalize on this massive potential userbase.

The goal of Social Send is to create a social media platform that simplifies the use of cryptocurrency, and makes sending crypto as easy as posting on social media. Social Send has a functional platform that contains web wallets, and allows users to send funds with just a username or email address. The idea is to make sending crypto simple enough for grandparents or other technically-challenged people to use.

Here are some snapshots of the Send platform



Send is also developing an exchange that will be integrated into the platform, allowing users to swap or trade the funds they receive. Support for airdrops and ICO’s will be included.


Mohd Redzuan – CEO

Hernan T – Block DEV

Jose Graterol – Senior DEV

Other team members can be viewed on the SEND website.

Where can I purchase SEND?

Send is available on the following exchanges:

Cryptopia: https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Exchange/?market=SEND_BTC

CryptoBridge: https://wallet.crypto-bridge.org/market/BRIDGE.SEND_BRIDGE.BTC

Graviex: http://graviex.net/markets/sendbtc

Nova Exchange: https://novaexchange.com/market/BTC_SEND/

BitexLive: https://bitexlive.com/exchange/BTC-SEND

Coin Specs

Can I get more information about SEND?

Website: https://socialsend.io/

Whitepaper: https://socialsend.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/whitePaper_v2_final.pdf

Discord: https://discord.gg/xJthHER

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SocialSendCoin

Explorer: http://explorer.socialsend.io/

CMC: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/social-send/

MNO: https://masternodes.online/currencies/SEND/

Why have Midas offered SEND to our community?

Midas have identified 2019 as the year of utility - projects can no longer exist solely by offering high masternode rewards to investors. We are taking large strides to be at the forefront of the shared masternode space, listing only projects we have identified as having strong fundamentals, potential for long term success and plausible application in real-world use cases in sectors that blockchain is poised to disrupt.

Do you want to become a Midas partner?

Midas is looking for great projects to join us on our journey. Get in contact with the team via Discord for more details, and visit midas.investments for information on our project, team and road map.