Midas announces the listing of Sinovate (SIN) to the Midas platform as an Instant Share. Invest today to receive instant rewards.

What is SIN and what does it offer?

Sinovate (SIN) is a cutting-edge Peer-to-Peer digital currency that seeks to capitalize upon the numerous opportunities offered by the blockchain economy. Embracing this new technology, SIN is building a powerful ecosystem of various blockchain-based services and solutions, bridging the gap between the crypto space and the daily lives of users across the globe.

Rather than re-inventing the wheel, the team behind Sinovate is harnessing the existing technology on the market and applying their experience to innovate and optimize its features. The main features of the SIN blockchain are:

·         Incorruptible Data Storage

·         Infinity Nodes

·         X25X algorithm.

SIN is also a privacy coin, providing a protocol they have titled “Shadow Send.” Shadow Send obscures the origin of your funds through coin mixing. This innovative process will use at least 5 mixing pairs which are all contained within your local wallet, ensuring full control of the coins is retained by the user – while also maximizing privacy.

Another thing to note is the speed at which the SIN network operates, with transactions on the SIN network taking only 3 seconds. This incredible speed is powered by the function of Infinity nodes on the network, and the “Flash Send” capability. The network can process an incredible 553 Transactions per second (TPS) – approximately 75 times more scalable than Bitcoin.

Infinity node holders can also participate in a decentralized governance system.

What Are Infinity Nodes?

Infinity nodes are the Sinovate team’s twist on the Masternode System. The Infinity nodes are offered on a 3-tier basis:

           -“Big” SIN (1M Collateral) 10% Bonus

           -“Med” SIN (500k Collateral) 5% Bonus

           -“Lil” SIN (100k Collateral)

Unlike the traditional Masternode system, the coins used to run these Infinity Nodes will be immediately removed from the circulating supply, and are essentially burned. The rewards from these nodes are still sent to the owner of the node on a daily basis, but because the collateral is burnt, it ensures a drastically lowered circulating supply and controlled inflation rates.

Infinity Nodes have a limited life span – only one year. After the life of the node expires, the node is removed from the node count, and the collateral is burnt forever. For transparency, the SIN burn address is publicly available:


Due to the burning of collateral, the SIN Infinity Node model actually creates a deflationary coin supply over time instead of inflationary, which maintains the scarcity and market value.


The names of key Team members have been made publicly available, with the full roster on the Sinovate website. Here are some of the important ones:

Tamer Dagli (CEO & Founder)

Tuan Anh Le – Full Stack Developer

Dino Brian – Core Developer

XuanTan Nguyen – Big Data Specialist; Lead DEV & Co-Founder

Where can I purchase SIN?

Sinovate is available on the following exchanges:

Stex: https://app.stex.com/en/basic-trade/pair/BTC/SIN/1D

TradeOgre: https://tradeogre.com/exchange/BTC-SIN

Coinexchange: https://www.coinexchange.io/market/SIN/BTC

TXBit: https://txbit.io/Trade/SIN/BTC/?r=c73

Coin Specs

Can I get more information about SIN?

Website: https://sinovate.io/

Masternode Information: https://masternodes.online/currencies/SIN-BIG/

Github: https://github.com/SINOVATEblockchain/SIN-core

Explorer: http://explorer.sinovate.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SinovateChain

Discord: https://discord.gg/8rxutDv

Telegram: https://t.me/SINOVATEChain

BTT Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5147827.0

Why have Midas offered SIN to our community?

Midas have identified 2019 as the year of utility - projects can no longer exist solely by offering high masternode rewards to investors. We are taking large strides to be at the forefront of the shared masternode space, listing only projects we have identified as having strong fundamentals, potential for long term success and plausible application in real-world use cases in sectors that blockchain is poised to disrupt.

Do you want to become a Midas partner?

Midas is looking for great projects to join us on our journey. Get in contact with the team via Discord for more details, and visit midas.investments for information on our project, team and road map.