Midas Lists Cloud Nodes (CDS) - Decentralized, Cloud-Based File Storage

Midas announces the listing of Cloud Nodes (CDS) to the Midas platform as an Instant Share. Invest today to receive instant rewards.

What is Cloud Nodes and what does it offer?

In the 21st century, there is a growing list of cyber-crime which has significantly impacted the daily lives of people. In particular, data hacks have become increasingly common, often making headlines. A few examples of this are: the Yahoo hack in 2013-2014, the Mariott International hacks from 2014-2018, and the Adult Friend finder hack in 2016. These hacks compromised the data of 3 billion accounts, 500 million accounts, and 412.2 million accounts, respectively.

The concern for your data security is obvious. Thieves are able to get personal information from every compromised account – sometimes containing phone numbers, names, credit card numbers, home addresses, and more. Not only is your privacy at stake, but your identity and money could be as well.

These hacks only serve to underscore the problems with centralized data storage. Blockchains are ideal for data protection and security, making them a perfect decentralized solution for these problems. Cloud Nodes is developing a decentralized, blockchain-based network of data storage, powered by CDS Masternodes.

Instead of utilizing a centralized “cloud” service to store your files away from your hard-drive, you are now able to “rent” hard-drive space from anyone who contributes their available space to the CDS Network. All fees and rewards will be paid in CDS, and those who sell their hard-drive space will be paid in CDS. All of this data will be encrypted, and only accessible by the user.

Aside from the security concerns associated with using centralized cloud services such as Amazon or iCloud, the Cloud Nodes service is much more affordable. Current numbers suggest that the CDS storage service is up to 10 times cheaper compared to its centralized competitors. This is due to the decentralized nature of the market, which maintains a competitive price-point.


Team is anonymous.

Where can I purchase Cloud Nodes?

CryptoBridge: https://wallet.crypto-bridge.org/market/BRIDGE.CDS_BRIDGE.BTC

Labrotix: https://www.labrotix.com/market/btc-cds

Coin Specs

Total supply: 30,000,000 CDS

Premine: 30,000 CDS

Consensus algorithm: MN/proof-of-stake

Masternode collateral: 2000

Block time: 60 seconds

Block Reward Allocation: 75%/25% MN/POS


Website: https://cloudnodes.org/

MNO: https://masternodes.online/currencies/CDS/

Explorer: https://explorer.cloudnodes.org/

Whitepaper: https://cloudnodes.org/CloudNodes.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NodesCloudM

BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5119509.0

Github: https://github.com/CloudNodes/Source

Why have Midas offered Cloud Nodes to our community?

Midas have identified 2019 as the year of utility - projects can no longer exist solely by offering high masternode rewards to investors. We are taking large strides to be at the forefront of the shared masternode space, listing only projects we have identified as having strong fundamentals, potential for long term success and plausible application in real-world use cases in sectors that blockchain is poised to disrupt.

Do you want to become a Midas partner?

Midas is looking for great projects to join us on our journey. Get in contact with the team via Discord for more details, and visit midas.investments for information on our project, team and road map.