Midas lists Reactor (REA) - Tailored blockchain solutions for businesses

By Dan Carson - Partnership Development Lead, Midas.Investments

Midas announces the listing of Reactor (REA) to the Midas platform as an Instant Share. Invest today to receive instant rewards.

Who are Reactor, and what do they offer?

Reactor offer a blockchain integration solution for companies - both new and established - allowing traditional businesses the opportunity to incorporate the advantages of blockchain technology to their existing business model.

As blockchain technology gains wider attention amongst businesses, institutions and the general public, the benefits of the utilisation of blockchain are becoming clearer to a wider audience. Much like the internet during the 1990’s, blockchain is an incredibly disruptive technology, however to gain mainstream adoption, a solution must be presented to offer blockchain integration to ‘traditional’ companies. Early demand from traditional companies is expected to use blockchain to streamline their current business model, appeal to new customers, and increase efficiency both financially and operationally.

Offering a solution to traditional businesses, Reactor focus attentions to large and medium sized companies and assists with the implementation of their own blockchain created and initially supported by the REA ecosystem.

Reactor’s customer model focuses heavily on offering a tailored approach to achieve optimal results for their customers - working closely on an analysis basis to identify customer requirements before proceeding with blockchain creation and integration based upon the tailored requirements of the customer.

Creating a new coin and blockchain from scratch requires vast time, knowledge and cost. Reactor enables businesses to work alongside a technologically knowledgeable team with vast experience of blockchain, offering a solution focused on ease of integration and management allowing the customer to bond their existing business operations with the blockchain.

What are Reactor hoping to achieve?

Through the introduction of Reactor’s customisable packages, it provides business customers the ability to adapt blockchain solutions to meet requirements. The Reactor platform allows the customer to create coins with an arbitrary algorithm (X11, Quark, Black, etc) before selecting from a host of tailored options to best suit their needs.

Resulting from the Feasibility Analysis service offered, Reactor provide the customer with a recommended solution to which the customer can base, or use as a guideline in the creation of their blockchain and coin.

The packaged solution provided by Reactor is built to offer a concept-to-launch solution, and steps of the predefined order flow shown below:

Feasibility Analysis
A highly recommended and cost effective solution, Feasibility Analysis is focused to gain an in-depth understanding of the customers requirements and - using the Reactor team’s industry experienced - recommend a solution to the agreement of the customer to proceed.

Registration and order building
Based upon the results of the Feasibility Analysis, Reactor will recommend the optimal parameters to produce the desired results from blockchain integration. After choosing a predefined service package, the customer is able to adapt and tailor their blockchain solution to suit them.

Pricing and payment
Following the creation of their blockchain concept, the solution will be priced and payable in REA.

Blockchain launch
With confirmation of the customers satisfaction and processing of order payment, the customers blockchain solution and coin are launched. Irrespective of the package selected, Reactor handle the launch of the coin, and transfer responsibility and handling post launch and offer short-medium term support based on the customised package selected by the customer.

Built in to the Reactor business model are benefits, discounts and revenue sharing to REA masternode holders as an additional reward for securing the REA blockchain. As a REA masternode holder, in additional to block rewards, holders will receive a 30% quarterly share of revenue received through the platform in addition to package discounts for the creation of blockchain and integration solutions.

Why have Midas offered Reactor (REA) to our community?

Midas have identified 2019 as the year of utility - projects can no longer exist solely for offering investors masternode rewards. We are taking large strides to be at the forefront of the shared masternode space, listing only projects we have identified as having strong fundamentals, potential for long term success and plans for a real-world utility in a sector that blockchain is poised to disrupt.

With the introduction of blockchain technology to the mainstream, established companies are exploring the opportunities integrating blockchain can bring - similar to how the internet influenced business direction allowing for pre-established industries and businesses to utilise new technology.

Alongside growth and adoption of crypto projects, blockchain will also be presented to established companies as a ‘bolt-on’ to their existing business model and feel the solution presented by Reactor offers businesses a tailored concept-to-launch approach for the successful integration of blockchain technology to aid real-world adoption.

Where can I purchase REA?

The Reactor coin, REA can be purchased via exchange, and are currently live on Cryptobridge (link below). Additional exchanges are planned in the near future to meet the additional needs of their investors.

Can I get more information about Reactor?

Website —https://reaproject.io/
Whitepaper —https://reaproject.io/doc/Reactor-Whitepaper.pdf
Discord —https://discord.gg/nJrFmTm
Cryptobridge —https://wallet.crypto-bridge.org/market/BRIDGE.REA_BRIDGE.BTC

Do you want to become a Midas partner?
Midas are looking for great projects to join us on our journey. Get in contact with the team via Discord for more details, and visit midas.investments for information on our project, team and road map.