Midas launch zero fee platform alongside the revolutionary MIDAS Lock-in

Midas.Investments have been pioneers in our industry since conception in January 2018. We became the first to launch Instant Share masternode investments, the first to integrate a utility coin - MIDAS - to an investment platform to the benefit of users and the first to introduce a complete masternode investment ecosystem.

It is safe to say that Midas leads from the front - what we launch today, our competitors will attempt to replicate later. We are excited to become pioneers once again and become the first investment platform to launch zero fee investing alongside the revolutionary new utility for MIDAS - the ‘MIDAS Lock-in’.

How to get zero fees across all investments: The MIDAS Lock-in explained

The MIDAS Lock-in will change the face of masternode investments from this day on, and signals the day that utility coins became serious!

The concept is simple: Hold 150 MIDAS in the MIDAS Lock-in via your account to enable zero fees across all your investments today, tomorrow and forever!

This MIDAS will always remain yours. No one will ever take these funds away from you, and you are able to manage or withdraw these funds at any time. Only whilst your MIDAS Lock-in is activated will an investor activate zero fees across all investments. If this MIDAS is withdrawn with investments still in place, your previously selected tariff will be applied to your investments.

MIDAS held in the Lock-in are not reward generating. Instead, rewards from these MIDAS across all participating investors are collectively 100% burned to consistently diminish MIDAS supply and provide additional value to MIDAS in the Lock-in. Not only does the Lock-in provide zero fees across all your investments, it also becomes the first self-appreciating cryptocurrency investment.

Activate your MIDAS Lock-in today: How to take part

User experience and ease-of-use is critical to the long term success of the MIDAS Lock-in, which is why we have made the activation of the Lock-in incredibly simple:

1 - Log in to your account on the Midas platform at https://p.midas.investments, and press the new ‘Zero fee’ button that is displayed at the top of the platform.

2 - Through the MIDAS Lock-in management page that appears, press ‘Activate Lock-in’. The platform will generate your wallet address. NOTE: This is a different address to your MIDAS share

3 - Send the required MIDAS from exchange or your Midas platform share - set your withdraw address on your MIDAS share to your MIDAS Lock-in address. Once arrived, your account will automatically make changes to ensure that you can invest in all coins on the Midas platform with zero fees today, tomorrow and forever!

It really is as easy as 1-2-3.

Providing lasting value to our investors: The future of the MIDAS Lock-in

The launch of the MIDAS Lock-in and the zero fee Midas platform signals a change in the masternode investment space.

By making the platform absolutely free to use whilst retaining strong utility for MIDAS, we aim to provide our active investors with the industry leading platform with zero fees forever. This highly revolutionary feature is a game changer for masternode investments! We expect the MIDAS Lock-in to be highly adaptable to investor feedback, MIDAS coin dynamics and active user base.

Two things will be guaranteed by the Midas team - 1) the MIDAS Lock-in is here to provide unbeatable value to our investment community and 2) the Lock-in will provide incredibly strong utility and support for MIDAS - both in terms of MIDAS to be burned and ensuring that our increasing active users provide strong support and price growth for MIDAS.

In the future, we expect to make adaptations to the Lock-in to ensure suitability for every single user of the Midas platform. However, before we do this, it is vital to hold real-time data, understand user experience, ensure changes provide fantastic value for our investors and provide continued strong support for MIDAS in the long term.

How has Midas.Investments been able to achieve this when other platforms cannot?

The massive strides Midas has been taking forward have been going under the radar somewhat. By becoming the first investment platform to introduce a wider investment ecosystem, this has provided the required infrastructure to make these revolutionary changes.

On a financial level, our investment ecosystem has diversified our revenue stream. Whereas competitors operating only an investment platform can generate revenue from very few revenue streams (possibly 1-3), Midas has diversified revenue generators from nine different revenue streams, a figure that continues to grow and develop as we diversify further.

For many platforms, revenue generated from fees is simply vital to the existence of the platform - they must be taken to ensure they can continue to grow, develop and remain relevant. The diversified revenue generated from the wider Midas ecosystem has given us the opportunity to become the very first platform to write-off this revenue stream to the benefit of our active users and to offer zero fees across every coin forever!

Our business financials and projections hold enough strength to cover this loss of revenue enabling Midas to aggressively grow our active user base, influence in the masternode space and yet still provide incredible price strength and growth of MIDAS.

We look forward to having YOUR participation in the MIDAS Lock-in and welcoming new users to Midas to experience zero fee across all coins - today, tomorrow and forever!