Midas announce the adaptation of MIDAS reward structure and collateral

Midas will become the very first masternode coin to combine three vital metrics for a sustainable coin economics; strong utility, buybacks from mature revenue streams and carefully considered reward structure tailored to MIDAS demand allowing Midas to become the most stable masternode investment.

Through MIDAS utility and buyback from generated revenue, we are able to provide greater input for MIDAS from utility and buybacks in comparison to reward emission output, allowing MIDAS to become the very first coin to have complete support and therefore guaranteeing price strength and gradual increase.

The new MIDAS specification and reward structure

Collateral - 2500 MIDAS
Distribution - 75% MN, 20% PoS, 5% dev fee
Block time - 120 secs
Reward structure
Block 111,000 - 130,000: 3
Block 130,001 - 150,000: 2.75
Block 150,001 - 200,000: 2.5
Block 200,001 - 250,000: 2.25
Block 250,001 - 500,000: 2
Block 250,001 - 750,000: 1.5
Block 750,001 - 2,100,000: 1
Rewards half every 1,250,000 blocks

Why are these changes being made?
We do things differently at Midas - in what we achieve, what we offer our investment community, and how we think! We continue this by becoming the first masternode coin to effectively offer 100% price support of our coin through utility, demand and buy back pressure guaranteeing price stability and gradual value growth.

We have used 14 months of experience operating Midas and 5 months managing MIDAS to build a complete understanding of our coin economics and ecosystem. Having carefully considered the new reward structure, we will now be in a position to offer complete price support of MIDAS - meaning the utility and buyback of MIDAS outweighs emission output from rewards. Therefore, even if every masternode holder chose to sell every reward they ever received, the demand through utility and buyback would cover reward emission and potential sales to offer complete price stability and future growth.

It removes any unknown variables to build a strong price structure and gradual increase in value over time. We do not have to rely on large MIDAS investors to hold the price, or continually find new MIDAS investors to provide price growth. By making these changes, we provide value to our investors through long term price structure and growth to offer peace of mind on your investment!

What are the reasons for changing collateral?
Through the change of reward structure, MIDAS will continue generating rewards for more than 40 years. We plan for the future! As long as there are investors in crypto, we will be here, and our new economics provide the ability for a continual maturing of MIDAS for many years to come.

After careful consideration, we have chosen to settle on a collateral of 2,500 MIDAS for one masternode. We believe this positions MIDAS very well in the masternode space right now, but also in the medium and long term future. Having only launched MIDAS five months ago, with expectations of MIDAS growth for many years to come, we chose to make these crucial changes earlier rather than later. By increasing the MIDAS collateral to 2,500 MIDAS, this also opens exciting new potential benefits to MIDAS masternode holders from the Midas ecosystem - more news to come on this later!

It is a common strategy in the masternode space to firefight against a declining price with an increase in collateral in an attempt to remain relevant. To be clear, this change has not been made for this reason, and we have chosen to adapt the collateral to allow us to place MIDAS well in the masternode space immediately, and in the long-term future.

What does the future of MIDAS look like?
We are creating long term economics of price strength and stability through the changes to be made at block 110,000. We are making these changes to avoid MIDAS price volatility - up or down - and instead this gives focus on providing a continual and sustained price growth to MIDAS. As the price increases over time, the influence provided by utilities fixed in fiat and buybacks reduce, however so will reward emissions of MIDAS. We have given careful consideration in these changes to provide @everyone with the strongest masternode investment in the space!