Midas and Birake partnerships to create the decentralized exchange and complete masternode investment cycle

Midas.Investments is an instant share masternode platform, which aims to provide all the instruments for the successful investments in masternodes. The key features of the platform are instant deposits and withdrawals.  

The ultimate goal of Midas.Investments is to create the full investment cycle for masternodes, which has three steps.
The first step is the analytics, which Midas provides through its YouTube channel, MN.Investments media platform, and scoring rating system on the Midas.Investments.
The second step is the investment process. Instant deposits, withdrawals, reinvestment, and clean platform's user interface, are what makes Midas.Investments unique.
The third step is the possibility to buy and sell coins within the platform. This was one of the hardest targets to achieve, because of the lack of liquidity in the market and multiple complex problems to solve during the development.

Birake is a decentralized trading platform that develops white-labeled exchanges in a complete ecosystem of shared order books. Therefore, new exchange on Birake network does not suffer from the lack of liquidity and trading pairs.

Birake has an experienced team with various IT projects and a registered company. The coin has a great community and multiple contracts on the exchange developments already.

The Birake's white-labeled exchange solution perfectly fits the needs of Midas.Investments. And the high reputation of both coins forms the strong alliance and long-term partnerships.

Birake will develop the decentralized exchange for Midas ecosystem to complete the third step of masternode investment cycle, buying and selling coins within the Midas.Investments.

The decentralized exchange will highly benefit all the parties.

  • Midas will have an additional income source from trading fees and, later on, will have the finished ecosystem of investments.
  • Birake ecosystem receives an income from trading fees, multiple trading pairs of masternode coins and liquidity provided by Midas investors.
  • Coins will finally have the masternode exchange with the actual investors and potentially great liquidity.

The integration of the exchange will be done in three steps:

  1. Development of the exchange.
  2. Listing of the coins in Midas ecosystem.
  3. Development of the integration mechanism to buy and sell coins directly from the platform interface.

Imagine the system that can sell your masternode rewards automatically and provide you with regular BTC income, or that can buy any required amount of coins and deposit them into the share right away. Those are only two use-cases of the platfom.

The exchange launch is planned for 8th of January! Multiple coins confirmed the listing on the exchange already, so do not miss it.

Make sure to join Birake and Midas.Investments social media to learn more about both of those projects!

Website: https://birake.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/WrxZUtu
Twitter: https://twitter.com/birakecom

Website: https://midas.investments
Discord: https://discord.gg/826fPQU
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6p37emWW0RE42hKmsBwCpg