The ​2018 year of Midas and goals for 2019

The 2018 was a year full of challenges, victories, and experience. I want to take you on a little journey to show the path we walked together from the beginning and to highlight the goals for the next year.

Part I. The Midas shared masternode service

Almost a year ago, on 22th of January 2018, the Midas shared masternode service was created by Trevor and Parker.

Midas was the first service to have instant shares, reinvestment and flexible amount of coins invested.

The idea of instant shares was revolutionary but it took much to explain to new users. The masternode crowd got used to usual shared services with seats, weekly payments, and discord reservations. It took a month to show the community how this works and why are instant shares should be the new standards.

After two months of work, the Midas grew organically. The team increased to 5 members, the total value of holdings reached 100 BTC, or approx. $1 200 000, and the number of instant shares available on the service increased to 15.

On March we met with our future CTO, Mike, that started to develop the automated platform. He spent many months on creating the automated instant payments for any coins. It was a massive task due to the extensive amount of bugs and errors in masternode coins' code. The result of Mike's work is the complex automated system with high-level of security, constant monitoring, payout history, and many more.

The summer of 2018 was hard both for the whole masternode market and for shared services. There were less masternode coins backed up by the open team with clear vision and coin utility and even more scam than ever. With the BTC price drop, the income of Midas reduced significantly, and we worked on our product almost without salaries, because we knew that this autumn will be game-changing for us.

The platform went through the final tests and Midas coin concept was finished.

Part II. Midas.Investments and Midas coin

The launch of Midas coin and the platform was planned for September 2018.

The presale of 30 masternodes was founded by the Midas and Trittium teams and a few private investors. So, Midas coin easily got the funds for the future platform development and required coin listings and marketing.

Initially, we planned to launch a short period of PoW mining to attract miners attention for a start but faced many issues with nicehash exploits during the first two launches. Therefore, we chose PoS algorithm from the beginning. The launch of the coin was rough and postponed till October. Every team member and outsourced blockchain developers worked for 15 hours per day to ensure the successful beginning of the coin.

The coin got tremendous attention right after the listing on Crypto-Bridge in the middle of October. The working product, open and experienced team, flawless reputation and revolutionary buyback system blended to attract several big investors that were fighting for every coin on an exchange. Hard work paid off.

On the 26th of October, we made our first 25% Buyback from an exchange and Midas income. By the end of the year, 33k Midas coins were burned, which is almost 7,5% of the current supply.

By the end of October Midas launched its automated platform The transition from google docs to the platform was as slight as possible for users: all they needed to do is log in through their discord on the platform and shares were already there.

Every coin presented on the platform is an instant share. It provides all required features to fully control the coins: instant deposits and withdrawals, and reinvestment.

During the first three months of work 13 coins were listed on the platform and paid Midas fee to get listed. We expect to increase this number in the following months by delivering unique features for coin developers.

One of that features are the articles on the https://MN.Investments, a user-generated media platform that was created by Midas team in November to be the source of the analytical and educational content about masternodes.

Another significant achievement for 2018 is the automated coin rating that involves more than 50 weighted criteria, both objective and statistical. The rating allows to score any masternode coin and compare it with others. That way Midas.Investments aims to protect investors from scams and highlight the best projects on the market.

At the end of a year Midas partnership with Birake exchange ecosystem. On 8th of January Midas will have its white-labeled decentralized exchange. That will be the next step for Midas ultimate goal – to become the complete masternode ecosystem.

Part III. Midas vision and targets for 2019

Midas aims to create a complete masternode ecosystem.

The masternode investment process has three steps:

  1. Analysis.
    The investor should make a research on coins and choose the best to invest in. The masternode market is full of scams and low-value projects, therefore, it is important to analyse all aspects of coins carefully. New investors could have a lack of understanding what separates the great masternode coin from the typical scam.
    The Midas goal is to provide analytical and educational services to help investors make the right choices. This will be done by improving the automated coin rating that will be implemented to every new coin on the market to validate its value. Moreover, Midas team will create educational content on YouTube and MN.Investments about how to choose the masternodes to invest.
    Our target for 2019 is to make a full course on masternode investing for new crypto-enthusiasts and to create an analytical content on every new masternode coin regularly.
  2. Receiving rewards from masternodes.
    Midas.Investments has all the instruments for maximizing the profits from the masternodes investment. That is done through instant deposits and reinvestments.
    In 2019 we are going to add personal statistics, additional ways to administrate your shares, bots, additional security layers and improve the user experience overall.
  3. Buying and selling coins.
    The investor should face low volume exchanges to buy wished coins. That makes it harder for new investors to come in masternode market. The exchanges are filled with fake volumes, lack of liquidity and potential buyers.
    The most important goal for 2019 is to launch its own Midas decentralized exchange and natively bound it with Midas.Investments. The investor will have a feature to buy and sell coins directly through the platform with one click. Additionally, investor can choose to sell all his rewards immediately to receive BTC.
    That system is called "BTC in - BTC out", which means that you invest BTC on the platform and receive BTC from rewards daily.

Summing up, Midas.Investments will educate investors on how to make money on the masternode market and will provide all required instruments for that, which will make Midas.Investments the main masternode brand on the market right before the new crypto-bull run.

Join us on the journey in the New Year!