For those of you new to Hotchain, you could refer to our Bitcointalk Announcement, or just to the following short description.

Hotchain is a forefront cryptocurrency forked from PIVX 3. It is built to lead the adult entertainment online services payments, because its branded for porn and focuses on security, and fast, anonymous transactions.

We are getting closer to the release of Hotchain Platform 1.0!
Hotchain Marketplace is almost ready and will be live in April's first week, in time with the roadmap.

All features illustrated in our Whitepaper will be included in the first release. We will feature three products at day 0, with limited time and availability sale prices. We will also run a free listing initiative for adult shops that wants to sell through Hotchain Platform their products, goods or services!

No listing fee and 0 commission will be free for a limited amount of time. We will require a listing fee in HOTX soon!

Other great April news will be:
1) OTC session running in HotDex since April 1st
2) More localized Whitepapers will be out in all major languages: FR, ES, PT, ITA, NL, RU, CN, IN, and more
3) Listing on THREE or more Exchanges: one more dex and Crex24 + one more already on CMC
4) Listing on more masternode monitoring websites such as mn pro/online
5) KYD verification

Bright future for Hotchain and strictly in time with Roadmap!
This, and much more, is Hotchain, heading right into!

Let's recap what happened in March, too:
1) Genesis block and blockchain spinup March 2
2) HOTX requested listing on Crex24
3) Our project was reviewd and improved and lead to Whitepaper v2 March 15
4) HOTX was listed on Midas.Investments
5) HOTX was listed on Trittium
6) HOTX was listed on MNCN online
7) HOTX was listed on MDC hash
8) Unveiled Marketplace shots for the first time March 28
9) HOTX partnered with Xavander Coin to sustain their chairty cause
10) HOTX requested listing on HotDex
11) HOTX was listed on Gentarium
12) First localized Whitepaper (German) was published

In the meantime our Discord grew to almost 4k users, our blockchain has grown to 53 Masternodes, ROI is actually moderate and will increase in next weeks, we had three wallet releases and >50 commits on GitHub.
And not only Hotchain!

We have also opensourced:
- a working explorer for PIVX3 based coins
- an easily adaptable Masternode installastion script for Ubuntu 16/18

Follow us in the adult entertainment industry crypto revolution!
Join Hotchain right now!