Friday’s Narrative #7: Collecting Feedback and Continuing the Development

The past week was not too rich in events. We are continuing the development process and collecting users’ feedback to make the Reactor platform even more user-friendly for the general audience. Also, we have started Medium and Reddit accounts to increase our media visibility.

Reddit and Medium Accounts Launched!

Striving to maximize our social impact, find the target audience and convert these people into clients, we have started Medium and Reddit accounts. Follow us to be timely informed on the progress, new features & opportunities:



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Filling the Order Form

We have discovered that some users have difficulties in understanding the order form:

If you have problems with filling the order form, the detailed explanation is here:

Leave your questions in the comments if you miss answers.

Possible Vulnerability in POS and Temporary Deposits/Withdrawals Closure on CryptoBridge

On 25th January, CryptoBridge deposits/withdrawals were temporarily disabled by CryptoBridge due to a possible unpatched vulnerability in the proof of stake algorithm. The REA team will make everything possible to make our users safe and re-enable deposits/withdrawals as fast as possible!


Help REA Become Popular on

If you love Reactor and want to make your small contribution to our mutual success, leave your feedback on!

1. Login to with your discord account.
2. Click on your profile at the top of the webpage.
3. Choose "Your Reviews" -> "New Review"
4. Select Reactor in the drop-down list.
5. Write your review -> Click "Save."

Price Action

Although we never give any kind of financial advice, we mustshare our vision on the price action. The decrease in block rewards will work for us, not against us:

1.       First of all, it will shorten the supply and thereby prevent REA coins devaluation. In fact, this means your coins become 2 times more valuable thanthey were with the block reward of 5 coins.
2.       Second of all, bigger block rewards were desired to provide additional motivation to early users. Take this into account: block rewards will never be 5 coins again!

Thank you for staying with us! More great weeks & months ahead!