Friday’s Narrative #6: REA Alpha Launched!

As a loyal reader, you must have already browsed through the order form that went live on 13 January 2019! REA alpha was launched in time, and we have started hunting for clients since last Sunday. However, this wasn’t the only major piece of news for the past week... Enjoy reading our 6th Friday’s Narrative!

The past week was rich in events:

1.       REA Alpha Launch and pricing announcement.
2.       Block reward increase up to the top level of 5 REA coins.
3.       Listing on Trittium, a top-notch masternode investment platform.
4.       Negotiations with first potential clients.
5.       Starting Reddit account.
6.       Unsuccessful Attack by Intruders.

REA Alpha Launch and Pricing Announcement

The launch of REA alpha brought us to the next level, as now we are among projects with a real working service, real applicability and, as a result, real value based not only on expectations. We congratulate our community with this great breakthrough and anticipate more confidence and new clients joining us soon!

Ordering a custom cryptocurrency on Reactor is simple:

1.       Filling an order form: In a few days, a detailed explanation of how to fill the form correctly will go live on Reddit! Subscribe us on Reddit and enjoy the intro post:
2.       Getting the feedback from the team (may take up to 72 hours) and paying the order.
3.      Getting your ready-to-use crypto!

Reduced to only 3 steps, creating your own custom cryptocurrency can’t be simpler! However, there’s always a room for improvement, so we may adjust the order form in future to make it more detailed, more appealing, and even simpler.

Pricing for REA Services

1.       Developing a cryptocurrency: 80 000 REA (the price can be reduced upon a significant change of REA exchange rate).
2.       Block explorer launch and support on the client's server (extra service): 8000 REA.

Payment procedure: 100% prepayment.

Discounts Provided to Masternode Holders

Any client who owns at least 1 masternode can get a discount of 15%. Thes coins are returned to the client's masternode address after the completion of prepayment.

Block Reward Increased to the Biggest Reward of 5 REA

This week was the most successful for REA owners in terms of accumulating rewards. The block reward reached its peak of 5 on Tuesday and reduced to 4.5 coins today in the time of writing this Friday’s report. The decrease to the final stable block reward of 2.5 coins will take 12 more days, so there’s plenty of time to accumulate REA coins and get an advantage over users joining later.

Listing on Trittium, a Top-Notch Masternode Investment Platform

On January 2017, we made another step in increasing REA brand awareness and providing our users with better investment opportunities. Tritium – – is a well-established masternode investment platform that offers:

-          Investments with no limitations or barriers - starting from 10 EUR minimum value and no cap on maximum investment.
-          Investment pools - no shares, seats or dedicated masternodes, your investment will be treated as one position and always get its fair rewards.
-          Instant rewards - no waiting for the first rewards or masternode filling, get paid 4 times a day, on every 6 hours.
-          Instant withdrawals - no coins locked for days and waiting for replacement.
-           Compound interest by Reinvesting - enable "Re-invest" feature and get the accumulated rewards automatically added to your investment.
-          Flexible management - you can add more coins to running investment or withdraw from it any amount, whenever you wish.
-          Low fees - 5 EUR/month flat fee per masternode and 4% on rewards for the amounts less than full MN.
-          Fees paid in TRTT - your coins won't be sold on the market and drive the price down.
-          Teamdedicated to investors - no need to worry about wallet updates, chain forks or swaps, airdrops, support and monitoring.

We recommend our users pay attention to this platform as one of the most reliable ones.

Video Review by Partners of Midas

If you prefer watching to reading, enjoy the 2nd video review of Reactor on CryptoTube: On January 31st, a final 3rdREA review along with the announcement of airdrop winners will go live!

Negotiations with First Potential Clients

To end up this Friday’s Narrative, we would like to highlight the fact that we have already had negotiations with potential clients. Although there are no confirmed orders yet, chances are we will get our first clients soon!

Unsuccessful Attack by Intruders

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Yesterday we were attacked by intruders that wanted to get access to our data. However, the attack was not successful – all our data is completely safe. We have improved the website infrastructure to prevent similar attacks in the future. That was a great lesson to learn and a great experience to gain in order to ensure even better safety for all REA users.

Short Summary (12 January 2019 – 18 January 2019)

12/01/2019 – REA block reward increased to 4.75 REA coins: 3.8 to masternode owners and 0.95 to stakers!
12/01/2019 – REA video review by the Midas partners;
13/01/2019 – REA Alpha-Version Launch;
15/01/2019 – prices for REA services announced;
15/01/2019 – REA block reward reached its peak at 5 REA coins: 4 to masternode owners and 1 to stakers;
17/01/2019 – partnership with Trittium – a masternode investment platform;
17/01/2019 – starting Reddit account; intro post on Reddit;
18/01/2019 – REA Alpha FAQ announced;