Friday’s Narrative #5: REA Alpha-Version Release on this Weekend! Weekly Digest

We are highly anticipating the release of the Reactor platform alpha-version. Starting from this weekend, you will be able to order your custom cryptocurrency in just a few clicks!

First of all, we want to thank our young community for staying with us from the very beginning and until now, when the platform launch is around the corner! Although operating in a manual mode, REA alpha will allow you to order a cryptocurrency of a custom configuration by filling a simple order form. Note that there will be a field for additional wishes that you can use to include any peculiarities.

The maximum reply time is 72 hours, which means there is no need to worry until the team’s reply fits this deadline. For urgent questions, use the following contacts:

1.      Email:
2.      Discord:
3.      Twitter:

REA Video Review + Airdrop by CryptoTube

REA is now on the radar of CryptoTube, a partner of Midas. We are glad to share a full review of Reactor with our audience and hope it will help our users to understand REA even better:

The airdrop requirements are in the description to the video. And don’t forget to leave your feedback in comments!

Vote for a New Exchange: Midex

REA has been shortlisted to 15 projects competing to get listed for free on To learn more about the exchange, read the introductory article of Midex and watch the video presentation (both are available by the link):

How to vote for REA?

Complete two simple steps:

1.      Register your account on Midex by the link (this is required to be able to vote for REA):
2.      Vote for REA by the link:

Note: the Account Name entered during the registration process on the Midex exchange must match the name entered in the voting form.

Vote for a New Exchange: Aiodex

Apart from the fresh Midex voting, there’s one more listing opportunity – Aiodex. Voting is simple and won’t take much of your time.

How to vote for REA?

Go to => log in => vote.

Block Reward Distribution: the Biggest Profits are about to Come

In the next 24 hours, the block reward will increase to 4.75 coins, which will be a last but one increase in block rewards. At this stage, both masternode owners at stakers will get near-maximum rewards equal to 3.8 and 0.95 coins respectively. The final increase to 5 REA coins will happen at block 103681 and last until the block 109449 with the following gradual decrease to 2.5 REA at block 132481 and further.

Short Summary (05 January 2019 – 11 January 2019)

06/01/2019 – REA Alpha-Version Insights#8: Payments in btc:bitcointalk: -> Payments in REA
06/01/2019 – REA block reward increased to 4.25 REA coins
07/01/2019 – REA Alpha-Version Insights#9: 72h Max Reply Time
08/01/2019 – the Reactor network reached 300 REA masternodes; 500 REA are sent to the winner of the lottery (TXID): 128719a1839fe2b725145a2e4d6b16bba89f40c124099095eb952be399376bce
09/01/2019 – REA is available on Masternode ROI Platform:
09/01/2019 – REA block reward increased to 4.5 coins
10/01/2019 – REA Alpha-Version Insights#10: Pricing
11/01/2019 – a compelling video review of Reactor by partners of Midas.Investments:
11/01/2019 – voting competition to get listed on a new exchange –

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