Friday’s Narrative #4: REA Alpha-Version Release until 13 January 2019

First of all, the Reactor team congratulates you with the successful start of the new crypto-year and wishes you all the best on your way to success! We strongly believe that together we will achieve all the goals stated in the Roadmap and even exceed your expectations.

REA Alpha-Version Release

To all REA users, including potential clients and those interested in holding REA coins without ordering REA services: we have almost finished developing the order form and already have a strict deadline for the Reactor platform alpha-version release: 13 January 2019 or earlier. What does this mean?

By 13 January (or earlier), any user will be able to use the Reactor website for ordering a custom blockchain/cryptocurrency through the order form. The order form will contain the next fields (small refinements are possible):

  1. Coin name.
  2. Ticker.
  3. Algorithm.
  4. Min/Max POS Age.
  5. Total number of coins.
  6. Block time.
  7. Amount of pre-mine.
  8. Reward distribution table.

Also, you will be able to ask for any additional option in the special text field.

After the order is filled and sent, you will have to wait up to 72 hours for confirmation. Note that getting the conformation message from the team is obligatory due to the possible necessity of order clarifications etc. Only after you get your order confirmed, you can be sure that the team has started working on your order.

If you have any additional questions regarding your order, you can always use the following contacts:



DEXTER#2667 full id: 516555756355452938

Quark#5663 full id: 513720536178753537

Astra#8432 full id: 510029109649211392


Reactor Hires!

The Reactor team believes that the connection to the community is one of the paramount success indicators. We highly welcome your endeavors aimed at improving Reactor’s brand image and popularity.  

Depending on your level of professionalism, you can either apply for becoming the member of the team (we always seeking strong professions able to bring Reactor to the next level in a particular field) or just create something exciting and share it with the community.

Short Summary

28/12/2018 – REA Alpha-Version Insights#4: "Additional Wishes" Field in the Order Form.
30/12/2018 – REA Alpha-Version Insights#5: Logotype and Wallet Icons Design.
31/12/2018 – REA block reward increased to 3.75 coins! 3 REA coins go to masternode owners, 0.75 - to stakers!
31/12/2018 – An extraordinary New Year's article:
02/01/2019 – the REA network reached 200 masternodes; 300 REA coins are paid to the winner: 6602bdf463a18fdac74d40b8abd12ea1992dc480741e33193db71bbb2a31444c
02/01/2019 – REA Alpha-Version Insights#6: Parameters to Set Up
03/01/2019 – REA block reward increased to 4 coins: 3.2 coins go to masternodes; 0.8 - to stakers!
03/01/2019 – REA is now available on - a trustless platform that provides whole-node hosting and cold wallet setup!