What are the benefits of being Fline masternode owner?

Fline is an investment project, which combines highly effective Bitmex trading bots and masternodes.


Our top of class bot. Constantly scanning the market, have ability to determine fakeouts/stopruns and ignore it. Incredible balance between reaction speed and ability to have most profit from the move.‌‌Backtest result - x61.


"Smaller" version of BTC/USD bot, but have less "smoothing". Result on backtest is nearly x15 (USD terms on this).


Algorithm for BTC pairs trading. TRX and EOS have more aggressive settings due to the wild nature of these assets, ETH - more "calm", due to more stability of it. Algorithm executing trades on the 4H timeframe, for smooth work. Average strike-rate is 50-60%, results on backtest - from x5+ on ETH to x13+ on TRX.

All bots catching big moves (if it is any) pretty much all the time, and all losing trades usually appear in ultra-low volatility phase of the market.‌‌All backtest results are from 2018 to 2019 range.

The main question from the community is "Why do you need a masternode coin if you can open deposits for the bot and earn on the fee?"

There are a few reasons behind creating the masternode coin.

  1. Diversification.
    The bots are eager for trend trading. Until we see some big moves on this flat market, investors will not see the full potential of the bot live. While the coin itself allows creating a passive source of income for investors and obtain funds for the future development of the project.
  2. Immense coin potential due to the buyback system.
    A part of pre-sale is dedicated to the bots trading. 50% of income provided by the bots are spent on coin support, which assures the price stability for the long-time.
  3. Marketing for the bot.
    Masternode market has a lot of investors that are interested in passive income. The bots will change how masternode community sees passive earning. Since the bots are trading without leverage they are much safer than investing in regular masternode coins, while keeping the same return of investment.

Overall, the coin provides an additional way to earn for investors, marketing and funds to develop and market the project even on the flat market.

The next question is: "What are the benefits for masternode owners?"‌‌There are a few main coin utilities that will be available for the masternode owners.

  1. The price support by the bot. ‌‌
    This ensures a stable price over long-term. The first two months the price will be backed up by the immense demand that was on presale and low coin supply and ROI. There is a lack of coins and big interest, which will assure the price remains stable for the initial trading launch. After this period is over, the bots will be able to accumulate the first funds to support the price and buybacks will be made.
  2. Masternode owners will have access to the bot signals.
    ‌‌Our bots are trading big currency moves, which means you will have enough time to jump into trades and do it with the bot. By obtaining a masternode, you can trade like a bot by copying his moves.
  3. Masternode owners will have the exclusive right to deposit BTC to bot account. ‌‌
    In the first month of the project, we will open deposits for bots trading. Only masternode owners will have access to it. One of the conditions for this investment is to hold a masternode during the whole time of investing in the bot. That will lock out many masternodes from the circulation, which healthy reflects on the coin future.
  4. Fline as a payment fee.
    ‌‌Presale funds will finance the development of other investment instruments. It will be either on Midas.Investments platform or on a stand-alone platform dedicated for the Fline. This will increase the utility for the coin.

This sums up why did we decide to create a particular masternode coin for this bots. Together they form a strong bond, which helps growing community, coin price, and bots profit.

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