CryptoDezireCash (CDZC) is now listed on Sistemkoin exchange

One of the biggest turkish exchanges has now listed CDZC

We are happy to announce that it is now possible for our community to  trade CryptoDezireCash on Sistemkoin exchange. You can now buy and sell  CDZC there for Turkish Lira and Bitcoin. This is one big step forward to  the global adoption of CDZC and towards the goal to make CDZC available  for everyone.

About Sistemkoin

Sistemkoin is one of the biggest turkish exchanges with a daily trading volume of  around 150,000,000 USD. They have more than 340,000 registered users,  mostly from Turkey, Germany, Japanese and Korea. It is also known for  beeing very US-Investor friendly. This is the Website:

What’s next?

The  CDZC Team never takes a rest and is doing it’s best to grow and expand  the ecosystem for CryptoDezireCash. The first platform release is right  around the corner and also many other listings are following soon, for  example getting added to .

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