CryptoDezireCash (CDZC) is now integrated into CryptocurrencyCheckout

Accept CDZC easy and fast on your website

We are proud to announce that CryptoDezireCash is integrated into CryptocurrencyCheckout. From now on you can accept CryptoDezireCash (CDZC) on your website. Here is the link to CryptocurrencyCheckout:

What is CryptocurrenyCheckout?

CryptocurrencyCheckout is a platform that makes it easy to accept Cryptocurrencies with virtually no coding experience necessary on your website.

Integrate CryptocurrencyCheckout in your website

Here are the CryptocurrencyCheckout integrations:

More informations you can find on the website.

Features from CryptocurrenyCheckout

  • Crypto Payment Gateway:Their Payment Gateway gives your customers multiple ways to pay.
  • Decentralized Wallets:Their service keeps all coins completely decentralized and peer to peer by allowing your customers to pay you directly to any personal wallets or addresses of your choosing.
  • Pay No Fees:The only fees are standard blockchain processing fees.

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